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Name:Leverage Kinkmeme
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:Leverage Kinkmeme
"A Kink Meme is where a user (usually anonymously, though the rules on this differ between kink memes) posts both a pairing and a kink (or some kind of basic plot setup, or some other stipulation). Another user then anonymously fills this request with either art or FanFic."

This Leverage Kinkmeme is set up so that users can (often anonymously) post a prompt detailing the kink, plot, characters, ships, etc. they want to see in a Leverage fic/fanart. Anyone can fill the prompt (reply with the story/art they create).

1. No kink shaming allowed - any kink shaming posts or comments will be deleted.
2. In the subject line, include characters/pairing and specific kinks.
3. No repeat prompts.
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